Eve Selis puts the class back in country

A few posts ago, I quoted Billy Smiley (Whiteheart, The Union of Sinners and Saints) commenting on a dearth of lyrics by Christians reaching beyond the most simplistic of praise and worship notions. He wondered where the storytellers had gone. Thankfully, they still exist; Christians who address life beyond Sunday morning gatherings of singing what they have been led to believe they must sing in order to remain in God’s good graces. In the aforementioned post I justifiably praised San Francisco Bay Area punkish band The Hyperdrive Kittens for disregarding the “rules” and making top notch music without compromising faith or art. Enter another artist similarly inclined, namely Eve Selis. Her latest album See Me With Your Heart is something special.

Musically Selis has little in common with The Hyperdrive Kittens. Selis’ music is modern country, albeit mercifully minus the formulaic clichés that presently permeate (or plague, if you prefer) the genre. Where the similarities are drawn is how both The Hyperdrive Kittens and Selis create honest, skillful without soulless slickness music.

Selis has a knack for strong melodies, be they woven into fast or slow tunes, that keep things moving at a strong clip throughout. She is equally adept at howling stompfests such as “Still Have A Long Way To Go” or mellow ruminations like “Already Gone.” Selis is also a superb lyricist, weaving life tales speaking of moments both high and low with genuine emotion and heart.

Yes, Virginia (or in this case San Diego where Selis resides), there is still non sex-drenched country music and Christians who speak with heart and skill. Want proof? This album is it. See Me With Your Heart is a terrific work that gets better with every listen.

The album is available at Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.